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Hi, I'm Courtney

Everyone has a story, and mine starts in South Florida, where I was born and raised on citrus and sunshine. As I was growing up, a digital era evolved alongside me. From the day I created my first login, I was drawn to the community and connection social media fosters. No matter who you are or where you come from, social media provides a space to share your story.


I took my passion for storytelling to Auburn University, where I launched accounts for various campus organizations and started my career as an intern for Lilly Pulitzer’s Creative Communications team. After graduation, I joined the social media team at Anthropologie, and went on to lead the global social media strategy for Hollister Co., Discover The Palm Beaches and CELSIUS. Currently, I'm the President and Social Media Strategist here at Key Lime Creative Co.


My fascination with community, connection and creativity has always driven my career. I am fortunate to have worked with amazing people and brands that have helped me channel my energy and passions into a greater love for the digital space. I founded Key Lime Creative Co. to help brands tell their stories via fresh-squeezed social media strategy, creative content ideas and performance data to prove success. The journey has been sweet, but the zest is yet to come!


Founder, President and Social Media Strategist at Key Lime Creative Co.

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