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Social Media Freelance and Consulting

Achieve unparalleled results through a perfect blend of social media strategy, premium content, creative vision and superior customer service.

All juice, no seeds.

Social Media Strategy

Social media growth means increased brand awareness! I can put new strategies in place to grow your channels and engage your audience in a creative and on-brand way.

Content Strategy

Curated social content pairs captivating photos, videos and graphics with well-thought out captions and copy. Let's concept and strategize scroll-stopping content for your channels.

Reporting & Analytics

Measuring social performance is an important part of social media growth. To properly gauge how a campaign or channel strategy is performing, I'll constantly monitor against goals and KPIs to prove success.

Paid Social

Let's put a plan in place to get new eyes on your social pages, grow your channels and increase sales.

Live Content

If you want to share your brand's story in real time while at events or other happenings, I can take the reins. No more worrying, "I should be posting this right now," while you're trying to focus on your work.

Social Media Audit

I'll comb through your social channels to determine your current winning and losing tactics. Then, I'll make recommendations for an improved social media strategy.

Campaign Launches

Whether you're launching a product, a promotion, a seasonal campaign, or just needed a creative refresh, I can develop new and exciting ideas for a splashy social launch.

Influencer Marketing

Whether it's for gifted product, paid placements, or longer partnerships, I can develop and manage influencer marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes and industries.

Community Management

Ready to grow your brand and audience? Social is social and it takes engaging with the community to do it. I'll monitor and react to comments and concerns, as well as pushing outbound communications to spark conversation.

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